New album "Stand Up"

In May 2016 the album "Stand Up" by the group Sanja Ilic & Balkanika will be published. After months worth of work in the studio Master Blaster with the producer Boris Krstajic, Sanja Ilic and Balkanika are finishing the album. Soon the mixing will start and thereafter post-production in the United States.

It is interesting that before the release of the album the main composition "Stand Up" will be released as the first in a series of 12 compositions. The first composition will be advertised in the Serbian media and probably a countdown will start on the site.

The album "Stand Up" is an entirely new expression of Balkanika. Strong and sturdy rhythm, aided by the excellent production and performance of excellent musicians: Ljuba - wind instruments, Bane - bass guitar, Sale - percussion, Jeqi - drums, Ćela - guitars and Sanja - keys, contributed to the desire to follow the world trends. Most of the songs are in English. For the first time in the group male vocalist appears, Mladen from X factor. He is extremely expressive, powerful and yet sensitive and gentle, and is joined by Danica and Nevena. The sometimes divine, angelic and sometimes strong female ethnic vocals - like thunder. Balkanika is now playing modern rock with a lot of electronics and modern rhythms and the inspiration from the Balkans ethnos contributes to the originality of the group - different from anything else. The album holds next to "Stand Up" compositions like "Do not Cry" and "One Love". Also, the composition of "Give me Your Love / Na, na, na, na, na," could be a surprise.

It is also interesting that the group, as of June 2015, has included all new compositions in their concert repertoire. This is the best way to show how the songs "work" at concerts.