Balkan Routes (Greece)

Another compilation in the series of guest appearances of Balkanika. The Greek producer Dimitris Meidanis chose one of the most beautiful and most famous composition of Balkanika.

"Korana" is, on this compilation, in the company of the greatest stars in the Balkans.



"I love the music of Balkanika and I know about their spectacular concerts that are held throughout the Balkans and the world. I have their albums in my collection."

Ennio Morricone, composer

"In their music, the color of instruments and the color of synthetic sounds is integrated in an fascinating manner. The music on the album Delta Project is completely original and, on the other hand, it appears that everybody who is listening can recognize bits of the authenticity of each of us in it."

Joe Zawinul, composer

"I am a big fan of Balkanika. It is a magnificent group, which I admire immensely, and I love their music very much. Their fantastic concert, which was held at the palace in Belgrade for my birthday along with the presence of my friends including the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf. He was so delighted that the concert was extended an extra hour."

Crown prince Aleksandar Karađorđević

"The spectacle that was staged by Balkanika in Tunisia was a big surprise for me and for Tabarka. Their originality and the depth of the performance, their appearance on stage and the musical performance were a truly unique experience - not only for the audience but also for the journalists, critics and foreign guests who have visited the concert."

Mourad Mathari, director of the Tabarka Jazz Festival, Tunisia

"Balkanika presently means the affirmation of being the best here in our country, this implies the nations talent and the talent of one able to hear it, whom is inspired by it, whom does not plagiarize it, whom by means of personal identity, use of personal emotion, through musicality gets across to others, passing it to the present generation here and also in the world."

Jovan Ćirilov, theatreologist

"I believe that Balkanika has that gradation of color, black and white, and everything in between... Balkanika is an absolutely endless spectrum of color... However, what makes it distinguishable is the black and white."

Olja Ivanjicki, painter

"I take my hat off to Sanja and Balkanika for the reason that it has become a brand. Not just a Serbian one, but also a brand encompassing the entire Balkan region."

Irfan Mensur, actor and director

"Balkanika stepped into great concert production with the new album that is far more modern than the previous one, and this made it possible for the production team, by using the latest audio - visual technology and technical achievements, to make the Balkanika concerts a real urban musical and theatrical fairy tale."

Saša Stamenković, producer and manager

"It's some kind of music that begins out of nowhere, softly intoxicates you and leads you into a trance... when it disappears you feel sorry that it's gone. I believe what Sanja has achieved with Balkanika is equivalent to, let's say, what Radoje Domanović has done for literature."

Dragoljub Đuričić, composer / drummer

"The music of Balkanika has deeply moved us, so much that people where crying at the Festival during their performance. I am happy I had the chance to hear music from the Balkans, particularly the music of Serbia, which keeps the emotions of the Yugoslavian people. It's hard to describe how wonderful it was and extraordinary on the stage. I recommend to listen to it live, Balkanika is the No. 1! "

Lee Junghung, director of the Ulsan Music Festival, Korea

"That amount of the positive energy that I felt watching and listening the concert of Balkanika at the festival, I have not felt for a long time. When you add to this the beauty of the old fortress of Corfu, the sparks from the past, moonlight and sea, words can not describe the experience"

Aja Jung, Director of the Corfu Music Festival, Greece

"I'm glad that Sanja Ilic and his group participated at the festival and that they have given us wonderful music. I am particularly pleased that Balkanika was the first ex Yu group that presented the music and culture of the Balkans, in an unusual way, and at times we have had the impression that we hear the music of our ancestors. Very impressive!"

Luis Nevarez, Cervantino Festival, Mexico

"I am delighted with band Balkanika. Although I played with them in New Delhi for the first time I felt unbreakable connection, I felt as if I played with them all my life, probably because Balkanika music has the magical power to connect."

Sushet Malhotra, percussionist, India

"Sanja is my great friend and greatly respect his work. It was a great pleasure to perform with Balkanika. It's amazing to be with them on the stage, together with dozens of top performers and large choir, to be part of a perfect theatrical spectacle ... I would love to experience it all over again."

Theodosii Spassov, kaval player, Bulgaria

"After the concert of Balkanika in Puebla I got the impression that the city was revived in the cultural sense. I enjoyed the music and stage spectacle og Balkanika group, but also watching the cheers and delight of the audience. I would also love to have them in our future projects."

Arelys Flores Ferrer, Minister of Culture of Pueblo, Mexico