New album of the band Balkanika

The new album by the band Balkanika brings, as always, a completely new experience.

Sanja Ilić, as the leader and composer of the group, returns to his musical beginnings - to pop rock, but the ethno sound of Serbia and the Balkans has not been abandoned. For the first time since the creation of the group, the production of the album has been enriched by the male vocal Mladen Lukić, which gives strength and power to the performance, and the beautiful ethno vocals of Nevena Stamenković, Danica Krstić and Marija Bjelanović have been preserved. The group members are excellent musicians, Aleksandar Radulović Sale - percussions, Milan Jejina Jeqi - drums, Bane Marković - bass, Nebojša Nedeljković Ćela - guitars and two trumpet players Vlada Jovanović and Vlada Mandić with the professor Ljuba Dimitrijević on wooden ethno instruments, who is the only member of the group who was part of it since its beginnings, and at the end - or at the beginning - Sanja Ilić on keyboards.

The album, called "Stand Up", has 12 songs. Most of the songs are in English. What is interesting and unusual is that the song of Balkanika, originally named "Don't Cry," was translated from English into Serbian, and that is probably a rarity in our music production. This Serbian version called "Za kraj" will be the lead single of the album of "Sanja Ilic & Balkanika". For this song the video was produced by IDJ and through its broadcast on Youtube, television and radio, a new musical life of Balkanika is starting.

It is to be expected that more songs will be translated into Serbian, and this season there will surely be several hits by Balkanika that will be listened to and sung with joy.


Tour Dates

  • The concert on the Milan Expo 2015 was Balkanikas second participation on the Expo.

  • The concert in Assisi - Italy is probably one of the best concerts in the career of the group Balkanika, together with the 20-day tour across Mexico in 2002.

  • Concert: Etnopeja, Zlatibor

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