Nevena Stamenković

Nevena Stamenković

Beautiful angelic voicefrom Novi Sad, joined Balkanika in 2009. As a child, she was always dancing and singing.

She conects the start of her career to the pageant of "Miss YU 2005" when she was declared for the most charismatic girl. At the contest she sang and won all the sympathy of the audience and the jury. Because of her vivacious spirit, eternal optimism and a smile that does not come off from her face, her desire to help anyone who needs help, and to be always "at hand", she has been given the title of "Miss Personality".

Her career then moved in the direction of the photo models and modeling, but during every show or appearances in numerous TV shows she would sang a ethno song by which she soon became noticed.

The specific color and strength of her voice leaves audiences breathless and give them sublime emotions. She became a part of "Balkanika" in 2009. and thus achieved her big dream In Balkanika she gained considerable singing experience as well as numerous friends.

In addition to singing, her great love is her family and pets which she is surrounded by from her childhood, and without them she can not imagine a warm family atmosphere.