Nemanja Kojić

Nemanja Kojić

Nemanja Kojić (born 17 December 1975 in Belgrade, Serbia), widely known by his stage name Hornsman Coyote, is a Serbian reggae artist, trombone player, singer and a leader of reggae-metal band Eyesburn. Since the Beer fest 2014 concert a steady guest performer. It all started with "Ready, Aim, Fire" - a combination of reggae and ethno music.  

In 2004 the band had one month long European tour as an opening act for Soulfly.

In 2006, Coyote wanted to try to establish himself as a reggae artist, trombone player and singer internationally and left to London in search for reggae producers. The first producer giving him a chance was Jerry Lions. With Jah Rej (Jah Works UK) Coyote recorded three 12-inch vinyl releases and now already internationally recognized first Hornsman Coyote official trombone instrumental album Brass Roots. Polish record label Karrot Kommando signed a two album contract with Coyote as a vocalist. 

In 2011 Coyote returns to UK to open the show in Hootanany (Brixton-London) 

In 2013, Hornsman Coyote started play live with roots reggae band Soulcraft.