Nebojša Nedeljković

Nebojša Nedeljković

He made his first musical steps as a drummer in elementary school, playing Punk and expressing his "rebellion" against the "folk" music, at that time increasingly popular music in Serbia.

He soon entered the Jazz department in Stankovic music school in the class of Danilo Karamarković. He founded the funk band "Jim Walsh Band" and plays at large number of jazz festivals.

He did club gigs where he acquired routine and at one point he became a member of the project lead by known French solo singer Emma Shaplin and with her he performed in Serbia and abroad.

He plays on a project with two great world names Tony Levin and Manu Katche.

He currently works as a guitar teacher at the school for pop and rock music Master Blaster.

From 2014 he plays guitar, electric. guitar, saz and bouzouki in Balkanika.

He loves the sea, boats, a is a great fan of sailing and cooking...