Ljubomir Dimitrijević

Ljubomir Dimitrijević

Ljubomir Dimitrijević, in the early sixties he  fell in love with the flute and this love last to this day, some five  decades later. For him, the sound of a flute is mysterious, golden thread that stretches from the time of the Big Bang to the present day.

He believes that music is a divine force that drives what is the most beautiful and most noble in a man. Favorite Books is "Glass Bead Game" by Hesse and favorite piece of music is Mozart's Requiem.

Life motto "it is ours what we give to others."

The connection with the audience, the joy of being on the stage and smile of the ones that listen, is the greatest reward for all the hard work, and years dedicated to the music and the flute.

He is a professor of flute at the music school "Josip Slavenski" in Belgrade.

He is with the group "Sanja Ilic & Balkanika" from the first day, 2000.

He plays the flute and of course, there are frula, zurle, bagpipes and many others "magic flutes that  mean the whole life."