Sanja Ilić & Balkanika - Our Team

Sanja and the music band Balkanika have performed on all of the continents. In this way he has, in the most beautiful way, presented a part of the cultural heritage and music of Serbia to the world.

He was born in 1982. in Skopje. He graduated  percussions at the Music Academy in Belgrade in 2009.

Bane Markovic "Basstardo" was born in Belgrade, 05.11.1982. He graduated jazz section in music school "Stanković" in Belgrade. 

Beautiful angelic voicefrom Novi Sad, joined Balkanika in 2009. As a child, she was always dancing and singing.

Ljubomir Dimitrijević, in the early sixties he  fell in love with the flute and this love last to this day, some five  decades later. For him, the sound of a flute is mysterious, golden thread that stretches from the time of the Big Bang to the present day.

From an early age she showed interest in traditional music.

Marija Bjelanović (Belgrade, 28.janyary 1988). She was in to music from her childhood. She finished primary and secondary music school, piano department in Zemun, and followed with the elementary music  school, department of solo singing and traditional singing.

He was born in 1984, grew up in Belgrade, graduated violin from music school Josif Marinkovic, then independently switched to the guitar and then to drums at 14 years.

Mladen Lukić, was born in Subotica in 1983. Already as a very young baby, he was compelled to make music because he was "terrorized" by his grandmother who, by the way an opera singer, sang nursery rhymes in her opera voice.

He made his first musical steps as a drummer in elementary school, playing Punk and expressing his "rebellion" against the "folk" music, at that time increasingly popular music in Serbia.

Nemanja Kojić (born 17 December 1975 in Belgrade, Serbia), widely known by his stage name Hornsman Coyote, is a Serbian reggae artist, trombone player, singer and a leader of reggae-metal band Eyesburn. Since the Beer fest 2014 concert a steady guest performer. It all started with "Ready, Aim, Fire" - a combination of reggae and ethno music.